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How To Plan A Mitzvah

February 03, 2016

Although we are known as being St. Louis’ premier wedding venue, our space is perfect for celebrating milestones of all kinds. One of our favorite celebrations to be a part of are Mitzvahs. A Mitzvah is a very important time in a child’s life, and should be treated as such! Here are a few tips from us on planning the perfect Mitzvah!


How To Plan A Mitzvah: Theme

Planning Mitzvahs are much like planning a wedding, with one major difference—they are all about your child! It is important to remember that since it is a celebration of your child coming into adulthood, you should keep their likes and wants in mind.

When choosing a theme for a mitzvah, talk with your child about his or her favorite things. Are they really into sports, or a certain TV show or movie? Choosing a theme based on your child’s likes at the time makes the celebration feel more personal and special for them.

Choosing a theme is also important when planning a Mitzvah because that is how all of the other little details from food to décor fall into place!


How to plan a Mitzvah: Venue

Finding the perfect venue is an important step in any sort of event planning! When planning a Mitzvah, it is important to find a venue that allows you the freedom to make the space your own. It is also imperative to find a space that is happy to accommodate kids, and let’s them enjoy the celebration of their friend.

At Windows, we are kid friendly and have a Mitzvah packages available. If you are interested in learning more about Windows, Give us a call at 314-241-5555 or email us at aklein@wowbanquets.comtoday!


How To Plan A Mitzvah: Entertainment

What’s a party without good music? When planning a mitzvah, don’t forget about the entertainment! What will you choose, band or DJ? When looking into entertainment for the celebration, be sure to consider that your entertainment will be for a wide variety of ages! You want the kids as well as the adults to take to the dance floor and dance the night away!

After learning all of our tips for planning a Mitzvah…are you looking to book the perfect venue and get the planning underway? Learn more about the mitzvah packages offered at Windows on Washington:

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