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Wedding Checklist Chaos

July 20, 2015

Wedding Checklist Chaos:

The Wedding Details to Check-off First

Since the “Do-it-Yourself” mentality has reached the fingertips of crafty women everywhere, many brides have taken wedding planning into their own hands. While this responsibility allows you to customize every detail of your wedding, it can be a daunting task if you don’t do the proper groundwork.


Typically, when first engaged, brides forage the internet for the perfect wedding checklist. We applaud these independent women. However, most checklists neglect to prioritize what details to cover first.

Luckily, we have formulated a pre-wedding checklist that will lay a foundation that simplifies future detail decisions. So before you get too lost in the sound of wedding bells, there are a few things you need to sort out before filling out your checklist:

  1. Crowd control: Do you want a big or small wedding? Estimate the crowd size.

    • This makes it easier to make every other decision, because you’ll have a focus.

  2. Number crunch! Estimate your budget.

    • Whether you’re planning a wedding fit for a queen, or a cowgirl, you need to set your spending limits! And stick to them!

  3. What’s your inspiration, theme, or color scheme?

    • God bless Pinterest. This is the part that could take some more time. You need to find some inspiration for your big day. Whether it be a color palatte, a centerpiece, or your dress that inspires you, designate a theme. This will make the other decisions SO much easier. Save your inspiration so you can reference it before making other wedding choices!

Tying those three answers together will create a solid foundation that will serve as a guide for the rest of the planning process. Remember that every wedding is unique; therefore, every wedding checklist will be equally unique. Good luck planning and enjoy your happily ever after!


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