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You want your wedding reception to be as unique as you, not another cookie-cutter party. At Windows on Washington, your party will be made to fit whatever theme or color-scheme you wish! Around here, we love helping our clients come up with and create unique and unexpected wedding reception ideas. But, all too often, it can be hard be hard to come up with something you haven’t seen a million times on blogs or Pinterest boards.

We have thousands of wedding reception ideas as well as inspirational photos and fantastic party planners that will help make your wedding reception one that guests will never forget. We start with a few basic questions, such as how formal you would like your wedding reception to be, and if you have a particular theme or mood you would like to set. From there, we will help brainstorm and create decor ideas. Nothing is too casual or too over the top when creating coming up with wedding reception ideas!

Windows on Washington offers an array of decor items to choose from. From chair covers, to candlebrahs, to rose petals and lighted tulle, our ideas for creating a unique wedding reception may be just the spark you need! Browse our additional decor options and be inspired by these unique wedding reception ideas.

Round Mirrors
$4.00 per table

Round Mirrors with 4 Frosted Votives
$7.00 per table

Hurricane Globes with Pillar Candles
$8.50 per table

Floating Candles Cylinders on Round Mirrors
$16.00 per table

Contemporary Candelabra with 6 Frosted Votives
$18.00 per table

WOW® Candelabra with 9 Frosted Votives
$24.00 per table

Red Rose Petals
Add to any centerpiece for $4.50 per table

Frosted Votives
$.75 each

White Chair Covers with a Choice of Colored Sashes
$5.50 each

Colored Linens
Styles and Prices Vary

Tulle & Lighting above Dance Floor
West Room for $200.00; All Other Rooms for $325.00

Silk Ficus Trees with White Lights
$100.00 per dozen